Monday, July 6, 2015


This past weekend we did one of our best weekend trips of the summer.  Everyone packed into the vans with warm clothes, swimming clothes, skateboards, folding chairs, sleeping bags, a picnic lunch, dessert, and various individual items for the trip.  We drove over Engineer Pass then Molas Pass and marveled at the alpine scenery and the various waterfalls flowing with the summer thaw.  We had our lunch in a quiet valley that wasn't so quiet while we were there.  

After lunch we got back into the vans and headed over Red Mountain Pass to Ouray and their famous hot springs.  The kids (and MJ and Christine) raced each other on the inflatable obstacle course.  After the pool, we unleashed the campers on the town to eat dinner and play "Bigger or Better."  After that we walked to the base of a 200 foot tall waterfall then back in the vans. We headed over to Silverton to watch one of the most amazing fireworks shows in America.  The echoing booms off the steep canyon walls created a unique sound effect.  

It will be hard to top a day like last Saturday (The Fourth of July), but we'll try again tomorrow.


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