Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sophia's Mini Extreme Weekend

On Mini Extreme Weekend, we went hiking near the Animas River. We saw
abandoned houses and old train cars. When we went to the beach near
the river, there were about a million mosquitos and at least ten were
on you every second. Right now I probably have at least 104 skito
bites. When the train came by we were screaming at it and waving to
all the people, and they waved back. After the train went by, I made a
fishing rod out of a stick. Fishing with the stick was difficult, and
Steffi tried it but fell in and lost it. We were also trying to skip
rocks, and Natalie accidentally hit Logan. Luckily, he was okay and it
was really funny. The hike down to the river was really steep, but
hiking back up was even worse. I fell about three times; my falls were
humorous, but I’m okay. The trip to the Animas River was exciting, and
I am looking forward to Extreme Weekend!

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