Monday, July 18, 2016

Academic Olympics - Girls Cabin Reigning Champs

Anna's recap of the First Round of the Academic Olympics 

Academic Olympics is one of my favorite traditions at DMC. What's not to love about an evening that involves trivia, costumes, and a GIANT ice cream sundae? Academic Olympics is a jeopardy-style competition between the cabins. This year the Funky Bunch, Biker Bros, Surf Ninjas, and Moose Men battled it out in a close competition. The questions in Academic Olympics cover a wide range of topics, from camper trivia, facts about Colorado, to academics. Most of us counselors are stumped by the academic questions but the campers do not hesitate. You can tell how much progress they are making in their tutoring by how quickly they respond to these challenging questions. Sometimes the counselors get involved too, helping pump up their cabin or questioning the judges allotment of points (although doing so can lose their team points). Being too loud and bad sportsmanship can also lose a team points. Teams earn points by answering questions correctly and wagering their points during bonus rounds. 

After going back and forth all night, the Funky Bunch pulled ahead of the Biker Bros and ultimately won the glory and the title of Academic Olympic champions. The girls were so excited! Their hard work earned them a huge sundae with all of the fixings. However, they can't get too comfortable with their championship title, there is still one more round. We'll find out if the girls can continue their streak and keep the title of DMC Academic Olympics champions.


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