Friday, July 29, 2016

Some Thoughts about the Summer from Cruz, Julio, and Adam....

     There are three reasons I liked my summer at Durango Mountain Camp. First, I liked doing mountain biking and river rafting at DMC. Second, I liked doing mail call wall, language tutoring, and study hall. Third, I liked having really good friends, and I loved the awesome tutors that helped me. I had a lot of fun, and I hope you had a brilliant summer too.

By Cruz

     The very best parts of my awesome summer were at Durango Mountain Camp. I made eight friends and had lots of fun. We went on the river trail with mountain bikes, and we rode carefully on the BMX track. The whole camp went rafting two days before the tutoring started. I like rafting so much that I went with my family the next weekend. I had an amazing summer at DMC.

By Julio

     These are the best parts of my awesome summer. First, I went you to Durango Mountain Camp, and I went boogie boarding behind a speedboat. Second, I spent time with my caring family, and I had a blast with my funny friends. Third, I went fishing with my family at a big lake in Los Alamos. I hope you had a tremendous summer too.

By Adam

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