Friday, July 15, 2016

Elle Interviews Zack

Meet Zack West, he is an eleven-year-old boy and he lives in Castle Pines, Colorado. His favorite food is American food witch he grew up with. He has one brother named Otto and he is eight. His mom is originally from Iowa and the dad was born in Arizona. His favorite color is blue and he loves baseball. One of his hobbies is to collect baseball, basketball, and football cards. His favorite think to do at Durango Mountain Camp is go horse back riding. The scarcest thing that Zack West did was that he was going on a hike and he slipped off a cliff and hurt his leg and almost broke his arm. He had never broken any bones in his live. When Zack West grows up he wants to be a professional baseball player. Watch out world Zack West just might be the next MLB super star.       

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