Thursday, July 21, 2016

Josh Interviews Niko

Niko grew up in Hood River, Oregon. His dad opened a brewery called Double Mountain. Niko likes to ski for fun. With his dyslexia, writing is hard because he always mixes up letters. Niko was adopted, but he wants to get to know his birth parents. He was adopted in Salem, Oregon. He wants to live in NE Portland when he grows up. If he had one talent, he would want to rap. Niko’s favorite rapper is Logic because ‘’he’s very methodical.’’ He wants to be an architect because it involves his favorite subjects. His favorite memory was of falling in a tree well. In his free time he likes to build computers. He wishes to unsee the movie Human Centipede. Niko likes to game with his friends on his PC or PS4. Niko is a funny, outgoing, and caring; he is a good friend.

By Josh Abramowitz                          

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