Friday, July 15, 2016

The Small Town Life of Taylor Holmes By Adaley Rhea

Imagine yourself rolling down a steep hill uncontrollably, and you are unable to detach from your bike.  Well this is exactly what happened to Taylor Holmes. Taylor Holmes grew up in the small town of Rico, Colorado and bounces back and forth from Telluride to visit his parents. He grew up with a passion for uphill mountain biking.
One day Taylor was riding his bike and started slipping downhill. As the slip turned into a roll, he realized he could not unclip his feet from the bike pedals and continued to roll down the steep hill attached to his bike until he reached a small creek at the bottom of the hill. Taylor claims that this moment was the scariest thing that has happened to him. In spite of such a scary moment, Taylor said he liked living in Rico because he is comfortable in small towns, and he likes the all of the nice people in Rico.
Although Taylor struggles with reading, he has a favorite book,”Fire Kingdom,” that he says creates a new world. Taylor Holmes is a person that likes the balance of small town living and the thrill of biking.   

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