Friday, July 15, 2016

Carlos interviews Jack

This is the story of Jack. Jack was born in a hospital in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jack is a sports-like kind of kid; he plays football. He also does mountain biking and skiing. One day in writing class, Jack was goofing off and Jenny yelled at him. He said he got scared and he probably will remember it, especially since Jenny said she would get MJ to talk to him. One thing that Jack likes to do on his own time is listen to music. He especially likes pop, but never really thought of learning how to play it. Jack seems to be a traveling kind of kid, and said the coolest place he has ever been was Mexico which sounds amazing. In his travels, Jack has tried different bizarre food, and one of the most bizarre foods that Jack tried was cow tongue. Cow tongue does seem like a really bizarre food. When done traveling and ready to relax, Jack likes to go to the movies; one of the movies he really liked seeing is a movie called Deadpool. Deadpool is an action packed and improper kind of movie, but very funny and Jack really hopes that Marvel will make a second Deadpool movie. During the football season Jack won the state championship for his school and felt very proud of himself and his team. After Jack came home from the game, Jack’s cat and dog greeted him. Later, his cat got scared and attacked Jack and scratched him on his bicep; he still has the scar on his arm.  

An interesting person, Jack is someone you should get to know.

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