Thursday, July 21, 2016

All About Noah by Li                  

Noah is scared of getting lost.  
Noah is 10 and lives in Durango.   
Noah loves pizza because it is good and fills him up.  
Noah used to be afraid of heights and the dark, but now he is afraid of getting lost. Noah’s favorite colors are blue and green. His most embarrassing moment was when his friend fell in love with a camp counsellor, and wrote her a love letter. He encouraged his friend to do it.  Noah loves camping because there are not a lot of people and not much chaos.  Noah’s favorite animals are hamsters and polar bears. He likes polar bears because he likes Antarctica where the polar bears live.  Noah also likes polar bears because he thinks they’re cute.  Noah likes hamsters as well because they are cute and he has a dwarf hamster that looks like the picture below.  Noah’s favorite continent is Antarctica because he likes playing in the snow.  He enjoys playing in the snow because it is fun for him.  His favorite trip was to Aalto Lakes.  Two of Noah’s dream trips are to California and Maine.  Noah’s spirit animal is a wolf.  He like video games, and his favorites are Black Ops 3 and Minecraft PC.  I hope this read was worth it and maybe one day you will meet him.


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