Friday, July 15, 2016

Jack Interviews Carlos

Carlos is a  mellow  person  who  doesn’t  talk  much,  but  he  is  exciting  and  really  kind and  thoughtful; he  struggles  with  his dyslexia.  Carlos enjoys mountain  biking  and  body building.  He  likes  mountain  biking  because  it  is  just  fun  and  you  get  to  see nice views.  Bodybuilding  keeps  him  in  shape  and  you  can  see  that he is indeed in great shape.  

While biking and bodybuilding come naturally to Carlos, he  said  it's  really  hard  to  read and  write  a  lot  of  things.  He  also  said  he struggled  in  school  a  lot  and  feels different,  but  it  is  in a  good  way.  Carlos’  favorite  subject  is  math  because  it  comes easily to  him.  His  least  favorite  subject  is  Language  Arts,  which  includes  reading and writing. This  is  where  he  struggles, especially  with his  dyslexia.  

He  lives  in  Salt  Lake  City and he  likes  it  there  a  lot  because  of its beautiful  scenery. In  Salt  Lake  City,  he  goes  to  public  school  and  it's  really  hard  for  him  to  get extensions  on  papers  and  extra  time  on  tests  even  though  he  is  dyslexic  and  it  is the  law.

Despite his academic struggles, Carlos doesn’t let dyslexia get him down and it doesn’t

affect the way he lives his life.

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