Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sebastian Ruoss

         Sebastian Ruoss was born on March 28, 2003 in Brennen, Switzerland. When he is older he wants to be a mechanical engineer. He wants to be this because he takes a big interest in making wooden sculptures and he is also very good at it. Sebastian speaks two different languages. He speaks German and English. He does not enjoy reading that much, but if he does read, he prefers to read fantasy. His favorite book is Harry Potter by JK Rowling. He likes fantasy because it does not have to make sense. If he had a cat and the same dog he already has (it’s a golden retriever), and his house caught on fire and he could only save one, it would be the dog. Why?  “A: because he’s allergic, B: he doesn’t like cats, and C: ...he does not like cats.”  I hope that you all enjoyed reading this; maybe one day you will get to meet Sebastian Ruoss.

By Olivia Doran

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