Monday, July 4, 2016

Fire Building in Wild Colorado

In Wild Colorado we learned how to build fires. First of all, we picked partners and gathered sticks. From there each group built their own fire, and Zane came around to give everyone a match. He gave us only one match because you may not have more than one match in the wilderness. Only two groups were able to make a fire with one match. It was the counselors and my group. Our next task was to cook an egg using orange peels and an egg. We had two tries at doing it. The first time ours cooked halfway, and then a stick landed on the egg while it was cooking. This made the egg tip over. The second time we cooked the egg on a flat rock, but we ended up dropping the egg in the fire. Next, Zane gave us dough to make bread. Every group got tinfoil and dough and put it in the fire. That task was not as hard as cooking the egg, and every group managed to get their bread cooked. After that, Zane wrapped crickets in the dough, and put them on a flat rock in the fire. Most people ate the crickets after they cooked. Afterwards, we ended up putting out the fires and headed over to Hermosa gas station. Our group got a treat because successfully built a fire. We headed back to camp satisfied. All, fire building was extremely fun.

- Steven Bailey

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