Friday, July 15, 2016

Ruth Interviews Reeve

Ten-year old Reeve Doran lives in Houston, Texas, but his family is going to soon move to Austin. Since he is dyslexic, he has struggles with reading and writing. His sister and dad are also dyslexic, but his mom is not. His favorite animal is a piglet, but ironically his favorite food is bacon. The first time he had bacon and eggs was when he was three.
Reeve is a generous person by nature. When asked what he would do with a million dollars, he answered that he would send it to homeless people. There is a lot to this young man. He likes to play football, but he can have fun inside, too, enjoying youtubers like iballisticsquid. Though he likes pigs, he also has a cat named Milly. His birthday is on May 6th, and he was born in 2006. His favorite subject is art, and he incorporates his favorite color of yellow whenever possible. Reeve Doran is an interesting boy and he likes many things.

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