Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Adventurous Life of Kace

The genie had captured the whole crew of Ninjas except for one. The one took down the evil genie and all of them were freed again. And that is how Kace decided her favorite color; from a t.v. show she watches with her friends. The t.v. show is Ninjago. They are a group of Ninjas, each one a different color. She and her friends decided to pick one Ninja for each of them; she picked blue.
Colors are important to Kace, because as an artist, she loves drawing detailed doodles and drawings of everything she sees. Her favorite drawing is a realistic looking rabbit that her grandma taught her to draw. Once you get to know Kace better you will also find out that she loves Cotton Candy ice cream because it takes the flavor of cotton candy and makes it cold. You also may know that she has a great sense of humor by the pranks she plays on her brother. She put a straw into a ketchup packet and put it at the bottom of her brother’s drink. When he took a big sip of his soda, he realized it was actually a big sip of ketchup. Like all of us, she can relate wanting to ‘unsee’ the report on ISIS and seeing the disturbing videos of beheadings.
Her father’s job took the family to Guadalajara, Mexico, which is a good thing because in Mexico there are lots of cats and soccer is huge there. Kace’s favorite animals are cats, especially her tiny kitten because of how small and cute it is. She likes soccer as well because she knows the rules to that game and it is fun.

The more you get to know Kace the more you find out that every new thing sounds awesome and she’s looking forward to experiencing it all.

By Steven Bailey

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