Thursday, July 21, 2016

Breaking His Back in Five Spots won’t Stop Steven

Steven is in the camp’s main older boy‘s trio and fun follows him wherever he goes.
He lived in more than one place including, “Japan, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Connecticut - that’s near New York.” But even with all of those addresses, there’s one place that he’d really like to see.
“I would like to return to my place of birth because I have never been there before.” That place is Hawaii. (Author’s note: Actually my father was also born there, so that was interesting. And my father hasn’t seen his birth place since, either.)   
Has he ever had a strange experience? “Yes, loads,” but he picked out three. He claims to have survived the second largest earthquake in the world and before his father proposed to his stepmom, he stole the wedding ring. Also, he broke his back in five spots over the school year while snowboarding.
Steven doesn’t have any strong opinions about current events, but he also stated that whatever happens, happens, and there is really nothing we can do about it. He’s very matter of fact about his fears. A fear is something that can be used against you, so most people hide their fears, but they still have them. For Steven, it took three days to face his fears, but in the end it was having a weight tied to his ankle and being thrown into a body of water. And while some are paranoid about the paranormal and some live with ghosts, Steven is not one of them. He says that once a week when he’s watching Netflix, the doors slam loudly and the lights flicker, but it doesn’t bother him that much.
Most people have small and then bigger goals and in the most extreme case, life goals. Steven’s goal is to go on the snowboarding world tour, and to graduate from the University of British Columbia in Canada.
 People don’t seem to care that much about their ancestors anymore. Steven doesn’t know that much about his either, which is understandable, but he’s guessing that they were probably involved in World Wars I and II. 
When it comes to music, most people might have a favorite artist, but Steven doesn’t really have a favorite just yet. He prefers rap and chillstep (chillstep is a type of dubstep that has thousands of artists, but he doesn’t single any out as the best).

His favorite things to do are snowboarding and mountain biking; he likes doing these things because they make him forget about everything and make him feel free.

By Kace Cernyar

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