Thursday, July 21, 2016


Thor Jaramillo

Thor Jaramillo is 12 years old and he lives in Jackson Wyoming. Thor has been to 14 states: Wyoming, California, Utah, Illinois, Mississippi, Washington, Oregon, Florida, New York, Hawaii, Minnesota, Maryland, and Idaho.
Thor’s favorite trip was in the Galapagos Islands; he went with his mom, dad, and his little brother. They stayed in a very small compacted room at the capital of Ecuador. He is used to small rooms because he has one at home. They ate lots of delicious foods there, and Thor tried the best steak he’s ever tasted! After a few days of yummy foods, they flew to Quito, Ecuador. It was extremely sunny and hot there. One day it got up to 100 degrees! Thor said, “All the people there are all really nice.” They met a really nice waiter named An Rekan. He gave them candy on the last day. Thor really liked that visit and wants to go back soon. I enjoyed meeting Thor and hopefully you will to.  

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