Friday, July 15, 2016

Atlas: The Interview by Harper

Meet Atlas Loutfi, an eleven year old boy who was born in Virginia. Since then he has lived in 4 places, including France. Atlas has only had one pet in his 11 years named Shashi. Shashi is a cat. Atlas was only a baby when he owned Shashi. Atlas’s family includes his 14 year old brother Tasman, his mom Crystal, and his dad Adham. Atlas’s favorite animal is a liger, a lion and a tiger mix. He loves the liger because it is fast, smart, and beautiful.

Imagine skiing with your friend and your friend’s dad. It is so cold that when you breathe, fog comes pouring out of your mouth like the moments right before a dragon breathes fire. Then on top of that, the dad gets out of control and hits a big metal pole, then blood appears staining the newly made snow, the dad knocked out. If you have been in a situation like that you will know how Atlas felt.

Atlas Loutfi always says “Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.”

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