Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A wonderful , responsive group!

   After a week of review and fireworks, I raised the bar for work from Ramone (Baker) and Alex (Leal).  They did not disappoint!   Working at the sentence level, their exercises from Wordly Wise asked for sentences using the unit's vocab, BUT these words had to be used appropriately after referencing the text that goes with each lesson.  Add to that the expectation that their work is submitted in typed form, I am happy to say they are both off to a good start!!

Christian(Riceputo) , who is turning out to be quite the climber, still has energy to learn cursive the Orton Gillingham way, practice his math facts, AND begin to build an O-G foundation for decoding and spelling, with new terms for syllables and word division.  He starts my day off with welcome enthusiasm.  Thanks, Christian!!

The Younger Writing Class is all girls this year, with two pairs of siblings including two new campers (who were only new the first day).   The girls love to build sentences using Project Read symbol cards which teach the functions of the parts of speech.  There is great cooperation around this!   Next week we will carry this into sentences when they put onto paper some stories based on their own thumbprint creations.   We relax with a great summer read-aloud called The Children of Green Knowe (pronounced Noah) by L.M Boston.  It's the first of a series, so parents may also want to read it, should their camper want to continue it at home.  All in all, they are a wonderful, responsive group!

  Ann Webb 

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