Monday, July 29, 2013

Reflections on the Younger Writing Class

Reflections on the Younger Writing Class
by Adaley, Ava, Avery, Elle, and Yana

Adaley likes the way we relax and chat, then work hard at making my sentences perfect.   The grammar cards are a fun and easy way to learn the parts of speech.   Says Adaley, “You don’t realize how much you are learning, and then when you go to write a sentence, you know  all the parts of speech.”

Ava, Adaley’s younger sister, liked hanging out with her friends and playing fun writing games.  “I liked making the thumbprint people and writing about them.”

Avery thinks writing class is fun when we play games like Ladybug and  Bagels Pico Fermi.   “I liked telling a paragraph about my dog using the colored strips.”

Elle likes to  play Novenops, which is a sentence-building game.  She also likes the activities at our final class, which consists or rootbeer floats and Wallace and Grommit short films.   She likes to do her work on the AlphaSmart.

Yana made new friends in the writing class.  She liked using the symbol cards to make sentences, and she also liked to play Novenops.  She likes to use thumbprint pictures to give her ideas about what to say or write.  Thumbprint dogs are Yanna’s specialty!

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