Monday, July 8, 2013

The first full week at Durango Mountain Camp is over. By Andrew Costigan

The first full week at Durango Mountain Camp is over.  The campers and staff have had fun and worked hard at outdoor pursuits and academics alike.  After a weekend of exploring the San Juan region as well as resting, the campers and staff are preparing to take things to the next level during week two.
As I get ready for the second week, I think back to my students’ efforts and accomplishments during week one.  Here is just a sample: Andrew, aka AKC, plowed through a number of books during evening reading for fluency practice.  Next week he is going to move into the High Noon series.  John is working on his cursive handwriting, as well as reviewing several syllable types and learning about couple more.  He will practice the remaining lower case letters during the upcoming week. Will is building on his foundation developed last summer and composed simple, compound, and complex sentences, as he reinforces concepts in study hall.  Jared got to work quickly preparing for the tenth grade learning the various sentence types, completing reading comprehension exercises, and moving into advanced morphology.  Next week he will begin to develop his paragraph and essay composition skills.
I also had the opportunity to bike on Friday afternoon.  Led by Zane, the group of hard scrabble mountain riders, cruised down the 1990 Downhill Mountain Biking World Champion course at Purgatory.  Even though there were a few tumbles and a mechanical issue (my chain got caught up and Andrew and Zane had to help me out), everyone made it down.  What an amazing experience.
            I am looking forward to next week!
Andrew Costigan – Language Therapist

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