Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tutoring with Laura Kuniansky

Jack has been completing his academic reinforcement periods, study halls to reinforce our tutoring work.  Today, he mastered a consonant le nonsense or Martian words page!  He practices handwriting daily and has aced a “Six Way Paragraph” comprehension story.  Last, but not least, Jack is becoming a mountain bike expert.  This is his favorite camp accomplishment!
Ross, or Mocha, his chosen camp name, has shown improvement in articulation and in completing work timely.  These are huge accomplishments for Mocha!  He is enjoying working on cursive and it’s fun to watch him remember the formation of the letters.  Summer reading from his school is a focus for him at read aloud time, though the names in Siddhartha are a true read-aloud challenge!
Malcolm is overcoming putting letters into words that don’t really exist by tapping through each sound; now, the trick is to remember the tapping strategy when Laura isn’t there to remind him.  He’s a tough kid, always having a terrific time, working hard, and trying his best!
Max completed his “name the part of speech” assignment for his regular school year teacher and now he’s double-checking it.  At camp we often work with subjects, nouns, verbs, direct and indirect objects, but transitive and intransitive verbs have produced new learning for Max and for his tutor.  It’s terrific to see a student want to get work done before it’s due and want to do it so well!
Laura Kuniansky- DMC Tutor

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