Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Final Camper Writing Pieces

By Nick R.:

We were out on the water all quiet until buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fish on !!!!  My dad, my friend Gianni, and I we were bottom fishing in the Bahamas. The rod has just gone off and I grabbed it.  There  it was; a nice Nassau grouper in the boat. I started chumming again and Gianni sent another rod back. All of a sudden buzzzzz, Gianni couldn't stop him. The fish and he were going at it for about 30 minutes, then we gaffed him and victory was his. That was my fishing trip to the Bahamas. 

By Mary S.:

The sunhouse smells of Jennifer Lopez air freshener that Taylor received for her birthday on the 5th of July. Pandora plays on the Ipads as Steffi sings and dances along with all of her slick moves and fun faces. The other girls sit on the sofa and listen to music while we make bracelets or snack on granola bars or cookies. Upstairs the floor creaks loudly with every step as you walk along the rooms. Sabrina's room first, then Taylor's and my room, next Josie's, and then Steffi's room, which has clutter splayed across the floor and markers and toys everywhere. The upstairs railing is covered in various colors of streamers; twisting all the way along. Outside, lights guide the old wooden not-so-safe stairs all the way up. 

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