Wednesday, July 17, 2013

From Brittany Morris (Intern)

Hello again!
Week two seems to have flown by at an alarming pace! I cannot believe we are almost at the halfway point of camp...
This week has been great! I have been fortunate enough to do so many things this week and have a great time with all of the campers. 
I watched a movie with some of the campers this weekend and they saw a clip they thought represented their exact emotions about tutoring! The link is below and it is sure to give you a bit of perspective on the academic environment around here.
In tutoring, Ava is doing fantastic, despite being sick this week, and we have been practicing with some very difficult spelling rules and advanced sounds. There is no stopping her. Her cursive writing is also coming along quite nicely, soon she will have the whole alphabet down and we can start doing everything in cursive!
Math is also going well, some students have math packets from their schools for them to complete and they have been making good progress on these assignments. Other students have work from me that they are completing so that they can feel more comfortable with certain math skills that may not be their best. Although it is hard to focus on math in our post-lunch mixture of tiredness and hyperness, we get down to business and get our math on!
I cannot wait for the camp-out this coming weekend and I hope week three goes a little bit slower!
Brittany Morris

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