Friday, July 12, 2013

DMC Update from Zane

Hi Parents and Friends of DMC ALL!

We are nearing the end of our second week at DMC and I thought I’d give you would appreciate update. 

The campers are all well-adjusted to their schedules are starting to perform near the peak of their capacity, so I understand from the academic staff that solid progress is being obtained by most of the campers.  The youngsters have all switched from their first week’s outdoor pursuit to their second set of activities – which include Wild Colorado, Climbing, Horses, Scuba, and River Running.

I am teaching the Scuba class and our 10 participants are mastering their academics in the classroom, and skills in the pool.  Since they will earn their lifetime PADI SCUBA DIVER certification, the dive schedule consists of 4 days of academics, 5 pool session, and a two diving day at Vallecito Lake.  At first, some of the divers were anxious about having to work through the dive theory and take tests, but they are all completing that portion successfully, so are gaining confidence in that academic arena.  Of course putting the tanks on and diving in the pool at Fort Lewis College is always fun and challenging as they master their new diving skill sets.

Aside from academics and outdoor pursuits, this past week found the campers ensconced in the mountain surrounding Silverton for spectacular July 4 fireworks.  The whole camp enjoyed a great day in Ouray as we travelled over 3 mountain passes, played in the hot springs, and had dinner out on the town last Saturday.  Sunday was a more relaxed day as most of the campers elected to spend the afternoon in Durango.

In the evenings, before their reading time, the more active campers are enthusiastic about soccer, lacrosse, and dodgeball.  Playing at the river is popular for the campers who want a more relaxed evening.

Tomorrow is our third weekend.  Saturday will feature ABCPD – Adrenaline Waterfall Hike, Baker’s Bridge cliff jumping, Cascade canyoneering, Purgatory Lunch, and ending with Dairy Queen.  On Sunday, the campers will choose to bike the flowing trails at Phil’s World near Cortez, or trek to the top of Castlerock for beautiful mountain views, or enjoy Beach-Boating-Boards at Navajo Lake.  It should be a fine weekend, and we hope that the campers aren’t too worn out by Monday morning.

We always have a few speed bumps along the way,  some of the mountain bikers finished their biking with some scrapes and bruises, the smaller divers get pretty cold after two hours in the pool even with wetsuits, some of the older boys get a bit rambunctious in class – but that is all part of the summer.

Overall, the camp is great.

We have lots of photos and blogs up on, so check it out!

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