Friday, July 12, 2013

Tutoring by Lynn Ilg

We are off to a good start with my four students.  They were given an in
depth evaluation the first weekend so we know what areas to begin work with
and where their strengths and weaknesses lie.  Everyone has shown great
effort and comes to tutoring enthusiastic and ready to work.  We've been
learning to improve our cursive writing, spelling rules, Latin prefixes and
root words, grammar usage, comprehension skills, and fluency.  So far the
four students have finished reading six books between them.  We keep a chart
in the dining room to track this.  The students are all of a competitive
nature and enjoy the different games we play to help them with their skills.
It has been fun to watch the quiet, reserved children that I first met
change before my eyes.  They are all active participants in their learning
and their outdoor pursuits. Everyone had great reviews about the fireworks
in Silverton.  I have also been hearing a lot about the horses, X-Rock, the
Animas River, and scuba.  School starts everyday and they are all ready and
raring to go.  They truly are a great group of kids that you all must be
very proud of.  

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  1. Pauline HuddlesonJuly 12, 2013 at 12:01 PM

    Thanks for the update, it is great to know the students are investing in their learning! The photos posted sure do show the fun they are having outdoors. It is awesome to hear over the phone, that my son sounds so happy--thank you DMC! p.s. Lynn, I forgot to mention, Alec is good at poetry.