Friday, July 12, 2013

Creative posts by DMC campers from writing class!

Our Cabin

The door creaks slightly as you open it.  The scent hits you immediately; it smells like feet and air freshener.  There are two doors in front of you.  As you turn around a third door comes into view. The light seeps through the cracks.  You start to open the door and somebody yells so you slam the door. It is the bathroom.  You try one of the other doors; it is deserted. So you try the other door and as you enter the room a voice yells at you to, “Get out!”  You look and the room is empty. The voice comes again “Get out or die!”  You run out and trip and fall and as you look back, and two kids come out laughing at you!
 -by Malcolm Kelly 

Our Cabin
I walked in and turned on the light.  I saw a coat rack on the wall, then I heard a whistling noise. I turned around and there was nothing there.  I looked up and down and noticed there was an air vent.  “Oh!! The air is on,”  I said.  Then I tasted the air and yuck; it tasted like Febreeze.  I went into the room.  One room has nothing in it.  In a second room, there was a kid who was spraying my Febreeze everywhere!!!!
 -By Nathan Gray

The MAJESTIC cabin
          Today I am gong to walk you through the majestic cabin of project X. When you walk in you see the main living area. There are 2 old couches, one on the left, and one right in front of you. On the right is a recliner and a desk. If you walk straight you will go into Master X’s room. It has all the snacks and goodies. Just past the couch in the middle and next to the recliner, you have Nike’s room. Next you have Mocha’s room, and then down a little you have a small useless kitchen area and the hallway starts. The first door is on the right and it is a bathroom with two sinks, two showers, and one toilet. The second room is empty because LP is now bunking with LK. The third room is Muscles’ room; it is the neatest, and best smelling. All the rooms are on the left. The fourth room is a half bath. The fifth room is LP’s and LK’s room. It smells like farts. That is the majestic cabin of project X.
-By Jared (muscles) Bridwell

We walked into the cabin and instantly the putrid smell filled our nostrils. Where this smell came from we did not know but it was present. We proceeded walking towards the lounge area and saw the dust rising from the couch and floor like mist rising from the ground. After brushing the cloud of dust off our eyelids we continued walking into the hallway. Each step created a harmony of squeaks followed by the rusty metal doors which divided us from the room. We opened the door (which was partially stuck on the top) and after one or two nudges it finally plied open. The smell and taste of Febreze slammed us in the face as the door closed on its own from the wind that funneled through the cabin. Going around felt like wandering through a jungle, but it was just a cabin after all.
-By Manuel Balbontin

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