Monday, July 29, 2013

Camper Writing Pieces, part 2

By Christian Riceputo:

I was on the moon for 1000 years and it was fun but the moon was haunted. So I fought for my life and tried to survive.  There was someone with me on the moon.  I was scared because he was Russian.  He was fighting against me. He had a group of Russians with him, so I was doomed. I went in their spaceship and tried to get a gun but they were everywhere so I was scared. I took a gun and put a silencer so they couldn’t hear me, but they saw me.  They started shooting at me.  I shot back and got one so I snuck out of their spaceship.  The war began and I floated back to my spaceship and got ready for the war.  I got my sniper rifle and shot at them.  They spotted me in my hiding place and started shooting at me.  I killed almost everybody, but it was me and another Russian left.  I snuck up behind him and killed him.  The war was over, but something bad was happening.  The flag was gone. There were aliens.  I was trying to kill the aliens and I killed them but there was one more head to head against an alien.  So I killed him, but he came back to life.  I shot him again and he killed me...but I woke was all just a dream.

                                             What our cabin looks like by Taylor Eberts:

For a month I am living in a cabin with four other girls. We have one counsellor named Rachel and one assistant counsellor named Brittany. But she is only with us on Monday because Rachel has off all day. This is understandable as we can be pretty restless when we are tired, but we are every exciting and fun to be around. Go down the old creaking wooden stairs to our quaint red cabin, and you will see the breathtaking mountains in the background, taking over everything in sight. Then open the white door, and there is a little walkway with rocks as the floor.  Turn to the left, and there you see a medium sized room with blue carpet, and one messy bed. That is Rachael's room. Stay in the hallway area and turn to the right. You will see stairs with blue carpet on them. Try your hardest not to make them squeak because there could be five girls up there sound asleep. The rooms are all lined up in a row. Everyone has their own room but two of us. If you listen, you can hear the roaring fans all through the night and day, spinning and spinning around. Head back down the stairs and turn to the right. There you will find a living room. Half the room is covered in rocks and the other with disgusting blue carpet that covers the rest of the cabin. We have a couch that is supposed to be white...I think, but it's so disgusting that I can't tell. A one person seat is in the far right corner of the room near a speckled, huge crawl space. There is one small coffee table in the middle of the couch and the seat. Then another little table along the wall. Pass the couch and there is a table with food and scrumptious snacks to eat. Then a tiny fridge and microwave on the right. We have a gigantic window that takes up one whole side of our cabin. No privacy at all with that. Everyone can look in and see. Next to Rachael's room to the right we have a bathroom. It's not too small but not big either. There are two old sinks and one shower that is kind of grody looking. The one toilet is in the far left with a wooden door you have to go through.  
That is what our cabin looks like, but there is a twist to it. We made it more homey for all of us to live there for a month. Streamers decorate the staircase and the railing. Masks hang from hooks. Shoes are lined up in a row like at home. Shaggy old coats and new ones hang up on hooks. I miss my house and how it looks and it smells, but our cabin is feeling more like home.  

A true story
By Steffi Schneider:
Strong and Brave
            One day in climbing we went to Fume Wall and set up one climb. After we climbed we went to Baker's Bridge and jumped. I did not jump off, instead I went swimming. When it was time to go I was walking up a slippery rock and I fell and hurt my chin. I had to go get seven stitches…                              
The nurse drove me to the Clinic. I sat down and waited to be called. After they stitched my cut on my chin we left. Even though I was scared I did not cry a single tear. It also was my first time getting stitches…                       
Five days later I got the stitches out.  This entire experience made me feel less scared than I thought I would be.

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