Thursday, July 25, 2013

Writing Class cont...

By Ross:

Tiger Woods, Elmo, #12, and I went camping on top of a sky scraper in Philadelphia.  We have been in Philly for a month now and have been camping out on top of this sky scraper.  The weather is very breezy up here.  We parachute down the building for fun once in a while.  We fly paper airplanes off the roof sometimes.  One night while I was sleeping and  #12 was roasting marshmallows.  I rolled off the roof in my sleeping bag and #12 saw me falling, quickly grabbed a parachute, and jumped off the roof to try and catch me.  

To be continued...

My Cabin 

As I walked into my cabin I heard baby birds chirping and Alec blowing whistles.  The vanilla scent was blocked by Joe's b.o.  Dead flowers were all around the cabin as people walked by.  The taste of food filled my mouth and I realized I was hungry.  The fan was blowing cold air.  Devin was playing cards with Greg and as I walked by I noticed it was Egyptian Rastry.  I had played the game before; I never won.  Posters were hung on the wall.  As I walked into Joe and Alec's room, it was clean and Joe's hammock was zipped up.  I walked out and I noticed that Greg was winning the game.  As I was going into my room, I could see it was not clean.  My Lego's were spread on the floor.  I picked the Legos up and headed to breakfast

By Alex:
I decided that we should go on a camping trip so I called my friend Ajay, and he said that he would come. Then I called Derek and he did didn't answer so I tried calling him again. This time he answered and said, “what’s up” and I said, “nothing, I was wondering if u wanted to go camping?” Derek said, “sure ok meet me there tomorrow?”  “Yea ok see ya bye.”
Then I called Aidan and he answered, and I asked the same question that I asked the others and he said yes. So then I got in my car and started over.
        When I got there I saw that Ajay was there and Aidan, and Derek were there too, so I got out of the car. I said hi to them and they said, “can you help us out with the tent?” I said “sure.” Once we got the tent finished we decided to go fishing.
When we got back I made a fire and Derek found some wood. Then we started to roast marshmallows, then I said, “I have a secret to tell you” in a soft voice “...and I've never told anyone before but I’m related to one of the...”
To be continued...

From the journal of King Maddog:

I've been on this planet all of my life and for some reason I feel that my dog is from a different planet. Now I'm going to NASA and I'm getting a rocket. When I get there, I tell them why I am here—because of my dog—so they let me rent a rocket. They trust me because I am the Boss. So I'm walking up the stairs with my dog and we get in the rocket and take off in...5...4...3...2...1...We have lift off! As we take off and leave the solar system, I look back and see Earth. I'm going too fast and heading into the G13000 Galaxy. I am with my dog and my sister and when we arrive, hovering above the planet, our ship loses some parts. We crash land and we all get out and walk North; we are looking for our dog's home planet. We get the feeling that someone's following us and then the creature comes into focus. It is more than one; a bunch of alien dogs. I run and as I am running, I trip over a rock, fall down a hill, and as I get up, I see it; my dog's home. Maddog Planet of Advanced Dogs. And then I become the King of the Dogs, dogs who can walk on two legs and talk like us.

King Maddog a.k.a. Ramone


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