Wednesday, July 24, 2013

From DMC Campers in Writing Class

My favorite '4th' Memory by Logan

My favorite memory about the 4th of July was in 2006.  My family and I entered the Telluride Parade and we all dressed up and my dog was dressed as the flag.  The best part was that we got 1st place!  Then we headed into Town Park to watch the fireworks.  They are so big; so loud!  It was awesome.

A short poetic rhyme:

Snow is a wonderful and beautiful Show!


R oaring sound
I ncredible power
V icious speed
E ndless flowing
R ain makes it bigger and better

A rhyming poem by Joe Liotta

Slime on a pine is a Crime.
Grime on a pine can take away Time.
Mimes work for a Dime.
I'm going to hire a Mime.
Mimes are going to clean up the grime on the pine from the Slime.
Pine is now Prime!

What advice would a dog give if it could talk to you?  By Devin

A dog would give advice about life by saying that when the master comes home, he should give tons of love.  And you should let him sleep all day.  Also, the dog will do tricks for treats.

My best 4th of July memory:

My favorite 4th of July memory was when I was with my grandparents at their house.  We walked to the  fireworks and watched the whole show as a family.p

Story by Alec Huddleson

As I walk into my cabin I say hi to Greg, Devin, Logan, Ethan and Will.  I walk over to the wall and I feel the dirt under my feet.  As I look into the VW hubcap that I spent hours cleaning and pressing the dents out of, I see Devin crawling behind me and I taste fear as he picks up a pillow.  I pretend to not notice him as I gaze at a poster of a rock climber, then I feel a soft, blunt smack to the back of my head.  Then Devin starts to laugh as I run into Joe's and my room and slam the door.  Greg yells, “QUIET DOWN!”  Then I smell the horrible sensation and sour stench of Joe's feet and I hear a puff.  I notice that Joe is on the bed and has just farted.  I decide that I would rather get hit by Devin than stay in the room, but before I run out, I eat a few Pringles!!

by Alec

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