Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fourth of July 2013

HI Day Campers and Parents,

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and DMC will celebrate with fireworks at Silverton!  We will load up the DMC vans at 7:30, then drive @ 1 hour to our viewing place.  At 9:30 the fireworks are scheduled to begin and they usually last @ 45 minutes.  The bursting light flashes illuminating the mountain tops and the blasts echoing around the mountains are spectacular.  You are all invited to join us as long as the day campers are transported and supervised by their parents.  The temperatures can be quite chilly, so bring some warm clothes and perhaps a chair.   Or, you can meet us in Silverton.  We will park in the large gravel parking area which is adjacent to the last hairpin (a right hander) dropping down into Silverton.  We should return to camp at @ 11:30 PM.

Since this will be a late night, we will push back our start time for DMC on Friday.  Breakfastwill be at 8:25 and day campers should arrive just before 9 AM.

Remember, it’s important to sign your camper in and out of DMC using the sign in/out sheet located in the main hallway of the lodge.

We will be heading to Ouray on Saturday, and that’s always a fun day – you are all invited as long as day campers are transported and supervised by their parents.  It’s good to carpool – so you might want to talk with each other.  I’ve attached the Ouray flyer.

Our plan is to depart DMC at 10:45 – take a pit stop at the Visitor’s Center in Silverton, then head up S. Mineral Creek for a mountain picnic lunch, then drive on to Ouray – getting there@ 2:30.  We’ll then spend @ 2 hours enjoying the hot springs. Afterwards, the campers can explore Ouray and have dinner out on their own.  We’ll depart Ouray at @ 7:30, stop atop Molas Pass to enjoy the alpenglow, then get back to camp at @ 10 PM.  It will be a full day.

Just let me know if you want to join us for either July 4 or for Ouray.

Camp is going well.  It is, and will be a great summer!

Zane Bilgrav

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