Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Continued DMC campers writing pieces

Adventure Story by Sabrina:
I am a fifteen year old girl that lives in a small town in Kentucky, where my family of 4 lives happily in the middle of nowhere. We have to travel over 20 miles to go to school and 30 miles in the opposite direction just to find a decent grocery store. I believed that my teenage years were very typical, consisting of exciting sleepovers with friends while we gossiped about the boys at school, and laying awake at night hoping one day my celebrity  crush would want to marry me. Oh how I was obsessed with Channing Tatum! But one day everything changed…  
It was the first of December, everyone at school was incredibly anxious for winter break coming up shortly in two weeks. I was waiting outside the school for my mom to pick up my two brothers and I from school, but she never came. We sat there all night long and still no dodge pickup showed itself through the hazy, winter-struck sky. In the morning we just went to classes as if nothing had happened, hoping mom would show up that afternoon, and again she didn’t show and that night it snowed. It snowed and snowed and snowed blowing small flakes into our freezing faces. We huddled together all night shivering and wishing we were home in the comforting arms of our mother...

to be continued...

By Gus:
I had just arrived at camp for the 2nd time.  The last time that I had visited the camp was last year and I enjoyed all of the activities that the camp had to offer. So I dashed up to the cabin and to my surprise the old used cabin was in pretty good shape.  The bathroom was as clean as a whistle. Then my counselor (Bobby) escorted me to my living quarters. I looked up and down and not a speck could be found.  I unpacked my camp material and I was glad to be back at the camp that would teach me to be the best that I could be and overcome my one big disadvantage that held me back from the other kids.

A story by Jeremy:
My closest friends and I from neighborhood 7 are on our way camping 5 days before the picking. We want some time to relax before the terrible event. They are Crow, Arson, and Sara. We were also practicing our aim with bow throwing knives just in case we are picked for The Starvation Games. When they returned to neighborhood 7, it was time for the picking.  The state wants us to treat this as a holiday, but for some reason I can't this year and I want to run; run from this horrible event.   I can't though, cause they will find me some way, somehow so I stay.  I stay at this terrible time. My little brother Vince is now eligible and I am not worried for him at all because he has his name entered once and I have it 45 times. We finally went to the picking and I was kind of scared. We go into the square with my mother and father and I see my friends. We get into our sections and I wait patiently because Mr. Tex always says ladies first in his odd accent.  He draws and I hoped it wasn't Sara and it wasn't; it was Claire Evermean and she was only 12.  I felt depressed for her sister because she could take her place but she didn't. I was waiting to be called and if I wasn't, I would volunteer because I have trained for this all of my life. It wasn't me it was Crow and I told him I wouldn't volunteer if he was drawn but I felt it in my gut that I needed to volunteer. He didn't want me to, but I did anyway. As I was in city hall saying my goodbyes, Crow came in and he asked why did I volunteer and I said, " I knew you wouldn't live because I got a memo on my iPad 24 and Jake Vieknez is in this year." Jake Vieknez is Crow's rival in combat because he always beats him. To be continued…

By Jon:
I walked in the room and the light flickered. A chill went up my back. So I went to get my flashlight. But instead I touched a 

               Big Hairy Thing. I screamed and it jumped.  I was suffocated by something brushing into my mouth. I tasted and felt it…hair? Then I remembered I have a dog!  The end

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