Monday, July 14, 2014

4th of July ....By Adaley

4th of July
                                                          By Adaley
          I had a blast at Ell’s house this fourth of July.  I never wanted it to end! 
          First we played floor hockey on our knees.  Sadly we lost.  We had team names.  We were the blondes.  The other team was the Brunettes.  The score was five to two.  Although we lost, it was a fun game to play with friends. 
          Then we had a fourth of July feast.  We ate ribs, macaroni and cheese, pizza, and more.  While we were eating dinner we got ate by mosquitoes.  We finished our meal with many deserts.  There were cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and brownies.  It was the best meal that I have had in a long timer. 
          Last we went to the fireworks in Silverton.  They were breath taking!  At first we didn’t know if they were going to show but they did.  There were ones shaped like hearts and some that lit the whole sky.  Although it was cold, they were amazing! 
          This was a great fourth of July with my best friend.  I hope there are many more fourth of July’s like this!

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