Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Am From Andrew Bascom

Andrew Bascom

I am from the game soccer

from the soccer ball and toy trucks

I am from a baby-vomit colored house

and the noise of three siblings fighting

I am from the huge magnolia tree

whose unbreakable 80 year old branches used to let me hang and play.

I am from a soccer goals and hiking

From George, to Kellogg, to John

and from Christian ministers and Doctors

from the saying, “Good judgment comes from experience.”

I am from Thanksgiving, where everyone gathers

From wine and bread

From the old tradition; the 13 year old adventure

and from never being organized

Tools were my favorite, brooms, drills, etc.

I am from the moments of the unorganized family;

the crazy adventures of the boy who loved tools.

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