Tuesday, July 8, 2014

First week finished and what a fine week it was! Next weekend is our campout and boating at Vallecito .

Tuesday, July 08, 2014 11:38 AM
HI Parents and Friends of Durango Mountain Camp,
We just finished our first week at DMC, and what a fine week it was!  The weather has been great, the Outdoor Pursuits are lively and much enjoyed, the Tutoring and Academics are humming along, and the campers all seem engaged and enthusiastic.  Along with Austin Bass, I was the leader of the biking group and have attached a photo of the group atop Castle Rock near the summit of Purgatory.
This past weekend was full and fun.  On Saturday, we drove over three 10,000 foot mountain passes to the old mining town of Ouray, were the campers enjoyed the hot springs (see photo), explored the town, and had dinner out.  Just as we were leaving Ouray,  a rockslide closed Red Mountain Pass, so we had to drive an extra 2 hours and 100 miles to Durango via Telluride and Cortez, so didn’t get back to camp until 11:30.  A looooong day.
On Sunday, the campers enjoyed alpine sliding at Purgatory in the morning, then did various activities with the counselors in the afternoon.
Since this is our second week of camp, the campers have switched to their second outdoor pursuit activity.  About half the campers are involved with the scuba certification program, so the pool session yesterday was busy, but so fun as the campers experienced breathing and swimming underwater – perhaps for the first time.
This next weekend is our campout and boating weekend at Vallecito.  Along with the boarding campers, all DMC staff and Day Campers are welcome (see attached flyer). There will be s signup list and directions posted at DMC.  So come if you can and camp out, or join us Saturday morning for boating.
The campers are enjoying your mail and emails, so keep those coming.
It’s a great Summer!                                                                                                                                                                                    
Zane Bilgrav
Durango Mountain Camlp
970-749-5640 (cell)

Ouray Pool

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