Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hi Parents and Friends of DMC!

Hi Parents and Friends of DMC!
The dust and mud-splatter has settled as “Extreme Weekend” has wrapped up.  One group drove over myriad primitive mountain passes to camp out at 11,000 feet.  On Saturday, the group summited 14,000 ft. Handies Peak, and on Sunday several of the campers and staff summited 14,000 Red Cloud Peak, and claimed a total of 28,000 ft. of summit.  Two peaks in two days! That is the first time that has happened.
Another group of intrepid climbers, ventured to Telluride to experience some “local only” types of climbs on Saturday, then camped out on Saturday night.  On Sunday they traversed the multi-hour climb across 400-500 cliffs on the European styled Via Ferrada.
A third group Zipped lined, played king of the float on the Bar X Lake, River Surfed, jumped the cliffs at Bakers Bridge, devoured DQ blizzards and camped by the river on the DMC campus.
This was our best Extreme Weekend ever and quite a few of the campers said that this was the best weekend they’ve ever had in their lives.  They will certainly have many great adventure tales to relate to their family and friends back home.
Last Friday, 16 campers went scuba diving at Vallecito Lake and earned either a PADI Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver, or Adventures in Diving certification.  After and early dinner, the camp went to Fiesta Days rodeo.  This was the first time that quite a few of the campers have been introduced to this aspect of western culture, and we all agree that rough riding cowboys are crazy.  (Note – my daughter Kira is marrying a cowboy in October, but fortunately he concentrates on roping, while she is a barrel racer).
So the campers are beat, but happy as we start our last 5 days of regular camp.  Tomorrow and Wednesday are testing days and we expect to see many important gains, and more solidifying of academic foundations.  We know that many of your campers will be significantly changed, and will have a greater feeling of self-worth and self-confidence.
Now a heads up on this week:
Along with Testing on Tues/Wed we have our final Academic Olympics on Tuesday evening, cabin cleanup and packing on Thursday afternoon, the camper-staff Luau on Friday afternoon and evening, and brunch and Closing Ceremonies on Saturday.
The Luau is a special time for the campers and staff to say their goodbyes and wrap up the summer – so is not open to parents and friends.  I know that quite a few of you will be here on Friday afternoon and of course will be anxious to see your child.  You are welcome to stop by and briefly say hello.
Saturday is for the parents.  We will talk about some of the the triumphs of each camper and they will be thrilled to have you a part of this day.  Campus opens at 9 AM for you to collect your camper and pack up.  Brunch will be at 10 – Closing ceremonies will start at  11 AM and probably wrap up at @ 12:30-1.  If you would like, you will have a limited time to check in with the academic staff or counselors, but a full academic report will be sent to you later next week.
If you haven’t done so already, let me know if will join us for brunch and how many you will have – if you need a bike packed and shipped, or a camper dropped off at the airport.
Also we have lots of photos and blogs that are accessed through www.durangomountaincamp.com, then click on Current DMC Blogs or Current DMC Photos.
That’s it for now.
It’s a great summer!
Zane Bilgrav

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