Thursday, July 17, 2014

Night on the Town – Cassidy Bush, Counselor

Night on the Town Cassidy Bush, Counselor

After scoring above a 20 on cabin cleanliness Team USA and The Royals redeemed their Mysto Man privileges by heading into town for dinner out. The Royals decided on Zias Taqueria for some delicious burritos. While Team USA went for some Bar-B-Q at Serious Texas. Afterwards the cabins rejoined to indulge in a tasty treat at Dairy Queen. With extremely full bellies we wandered over to Walgreens to pick up some cabin necessities such as, gold nail polish, gum, and giant bag of sunflower seeds. We all pilled back in the Great White, turned on some tunes and made our way back up to camp just in time for reading. The night out was the perfect redemption of their Mysto Man privilege

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