Monday, July 14, 2014

! am from.....

I am from

I am from bikes !and a red truck! from a Fat Albert tree and a fak!e Christmas tree and Pine Sol! I am from an orange b!ike and a soft blanket! And my dog running a!round with a giant log! Whose bark falls off with e!very figure eight he runs! I am from duct tape wallet!s and paracord bracelets! And Jody, Pauline, Gra!ndma Carol and Nana! I am from people who talk with their han!ds; people who make food from scratch! whose dry sense of hum!or equates to Stumpy! I am from a first bike ride a!nd salmon and green chili! And from the Declara!tion of Independence! And from it!s creation ! I am from…!
Alec Huddleson!

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