Thursday, July 24, 2014

From Tracy Brothers

As a tutor at DMC I get to watch as the kids grow in their abilities and hear of the fun they have in the afternoons.  Steffi is continuing her love for scuba and so we are working on some great words to help her write about her experience. Nautical - diving - scuba - awesome - and of course manatee are a few of the fun words she is incorporating into paragraphs about her experience here at Durango Mountain Camp.
Emma in enjoying staying with her grandparents while coming to DMC. We are having fun rhyming words and learning some great cursive handwriting as well as trying to decode some more compound words.  She is having fun fishing and doing gymnastics in the afternoon.
Ok, will have  Cozzi and Austin for you tomorrow.  It is a bit difficult to talk specifics in academics.

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