Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I am From…Adaley!

I am From…Adaley! !I am from antique books overflowing a wooden bookshelf!
from eating chicken around a glass table reflecting roses from the chandelier !
and ipad and computer light bouncing off a silver apple!
from tall windows flooded in love and light from the world!
and a red mixer and blue pots and pans !
I am from a garden !
whose buds reach out to the sun!
I am from pick up sticks and cards !
from Heidi and Scott!
and from dishwater blond hair and blue eyes !
from hair dressers teasing hair till it touches the roof!
I am from candy land around the kitchen table!
from red beans and rice and from palak paneer !
from a brave soldier fighting in Vietnam!
and from saving lives on the field!
my father used to throw me in the air and catch me !
I am from the moments of family and reflection !

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