Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Am From Max McGould....

I am from Florida and my dog is a big part of my family
I am from organic materials and riding my bike to school
And our house was big and vast which would let us play hide and seek and our own bedrooms to which all of us would retreat
And the tall windy stair case would lead us up to the next floor
I am from tall palm trees
Whose palm fronds sway in the wind like a crowd of people doing the wave
I am from the 1990’s and when technology was just staring to become popular
And from a family that has lots of brown eyes and tends to have lots of children
From jumping into the pool on the last day of school
I am from families that travel thousands of miles to see each other for Christmas
From cookies and pasta
From CEO’s of hedge fund companies to landfill managers
And coming to DMC
I am from this moment; a person who lives in the land of palm trees

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