Thursday, July 24, 2014

Message from Lynn.......

These first three weeks have flown by.  All of the children I tutor have been diligent with their academics and a pleasure to work with.  Thank you parents for sending such great students.  The kids are really into our National Parks pages that keep track of how many pages they are reading with the counselors and tutors during one on one oral reading time.  For every page read, they travel five miles and go from National Park to National Park that are in the western half of the United States.  Each morning I am greeted by students telling me that we have to go and move their magnet on the map to show their progress.  There magnets are all over Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Washington so far. 

I was able to attend my first Durango Mountain Camp Boat Regatta last week. It was impressive to see how long a piece of cardboard with a person inside can float.  I was told that it is all about the duck tape. 

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