Monday, July 28, 2014

Cardboard Boat Regatta by Pete......

The sun hangs low over the Hermosa Cliffs, a solitary osprey takes flight, the quiet serenity of Havilland Lake is shattered by the roar of V-8 engines and 40 kids unloading their cardboard/duct tape boats.  Day camper parents, siblings, and pets have shown up en mass along with the overnight campers, counselors, and tutors to witness the spectacle which is the Cardboard Boat Regatta.  The Campers jockey for position in the line-up, look for leaches in the water, or just whack each other with paddles, either way an acceptable strategy.  The first boat takes off, it doesn't sink immediately, things are looking hopeful.  Then the second boat, it lasts a few seconds before swamping, but it's life jacket adorned crew are safe with Greg and Justin providing support from nearby kayaks.  The other counselors provide encouragement from shore by launching water balloons at the contestants, one actually hits a boat on purpose, and another hits a tutor on accident, sorry Lynn.  After an hour in and we still have 3 boat floating and no more water balloons.  The parents are getting restless, the campers are still going after leaches and each other with paddles.  Zane calls for the inevitable final naval battle.  The three final boats collide at full ramming speed and proceed to splash and try to tip each other because in the end there can be only one.  But as it turns out, the final 3 boats all win, one for fastest time, the other for best design, and the winner of the battle, longest float time

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