Monday, July 28, 2014

Laura Kuniansky

Avery F. has been willing to change the way she has formed the number 8 into a readable perfect 8.  Congratulations Avery!
She's also finished visiting Crater Lake in the Pages to Parks!  Way to go Avery!
Chris knows how to work hard and that a job-well-done is obvious.  He swept the side porch  beautifully for clean-up day, Thursday.  Thanks Chris!
Natalie has learned the final stable syllables of -tion, -sion, and -cian as a result of her dedicated work.
Natalie is one chapter away from finishing her library book, Savvy.  Wow, that's quite an accomplishment in about 4 weeks!  
Max will be welcomed back and has probably completed Outliers.  He and Laura will have a terrific discussion of this fantastic book by Malcolm Gladwell.
Laura Kuniansky

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