Friday, July 11, 2014

I am From…by Cozzi

I am From…by Cozzi
I am from my large bouncy, fun trampoline that sends me high into the sky.
From the warm soft flavors of pizza and the air soft guns we play with.
And from the cozy, bright, high-ceilinged bedroom.
I am from the tall and skinny long-branched cherry tree
whose dark red cherries fill my belly with their sour sweetness.
I am from my air soft gun and Legos
from Susan and Jeff
and from blond hair, blue eyes, short, and funny
from Friday night movies with the family
I am from Easter and Christmas and memories
from corn bread soufflé and garlic bread
from the invention by my Grandfather and others of the spring and the seat belt on a
and from Dyslexia
I went to work with my dad every day
I am from the moments when I would draw pictures and pretend I was working

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