Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Am From Jermy Drott.........

I am from the stuffed deer my grandpa shot on my wall

From my grandma’s house just about 20 steps away and the blue couch in the game room

I am from long nights thinking about how I could make myself happier

And a tragic move from my Wimberley home

I am from the rock pile across the street

Whose poison ivy always made us run away

I am from the superman toy and the brownies we always had

From Ralph and Marcelle Bown who are my grandparents

And from Louisiana and Texas

From giant pots of gumbo served to perfection

I am from roasting marshmallows in the indoor fire place

From delicious cookies and chocolate cake

From cattle wrestling

And from fishing

But most of all I am from the family I love

I am from the moments that I will always cherish.

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