Thursday, July 3, 2014

The First few days of summer at Durango Mountain Camp 2014

Hi Parents and Friends of DMC,
All goes great at DMC for the first few days of our summer.  The weather has been beautiful, although a bit hot, with lows at night @ 60 and high’s during the day in the upper 80’s.  The skies are Colorado Mountain Blue in the mornings and then these postcard perfect white fluffy clouds build up over the high mountain peaks by the afternoon.
We’ve been busy.  Saturday was testing day where each camper was given a battery of 5 tests so that the academic staff can better customize their individual curriculum.  When the campers weren’t testing they were either hiking to Potato Lake or messing around on campus getting to know each other better.
The Animas River is flowing at a perfect level, so we had a fantastic river rafting trip on Sunday.
Monday was our first day of a regular academic/outdoor pursuits schedule and now the youngsters are well into the camp routine.  Each day after lunch we have groups going climbing, river running, mountain biking, to horses, and in the mountains with Wild Colorado.
On Friday after dinner we will head to Silverton to watch the fireworks flash on the surrounding peaks.  We’ll leave camp at @ 7:45, and the fireworks should be commencing at @ 9:20.  All of the day campers and families are invited to join us, and if you want to go – let me know.
On Saturday, we’ll drive across 3 high mountain peaks to spend the day in Ouray enjoying the hot springs and having dinner out.  Again – day campers and parents/families are invited to join us.
Sunday will have the campers working with the Outdoor Pursuits staff to plan various activities of interest.
I’ve attached a Ouray Flyer and a revised Contact Information Sheet for your use.
The campers enjoy getting emails and mail, so keep those coming.  Emails can be sent to me at  I’ll then print those out and they will be distributed each evening at “mail call wall” .
As of tomorrow, we’ll start putting photos and  blogs up on our website – so periodically check that out.
If you have questions, or need more information – feel free to email me or call the office during the morning hours.
That’s it for now.
Camp is good!
Zane Bilgrav
970-385-4449 (DMC Office)

Zane Bilgrav
Wed 12:

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