Friday, July 11, 2014

How to have fun on the river by Jermy Drott

How to have fun on the river

By Jeremy Drott

            Have you ever rafted on the Animas river. Why go on a unknown river when you can know what to expect? You should go on guided trips on the river to learn it before attempting going on it by yourself. Many people have wiped out on the new class three rapid. The reason people wipe out is because they are inexperienced. They don't know what they are walking into and before they do it's to late. To prevent such actions you could go with a guide or someone who is experienced there. Have you ever wiped out on the river?
            Yesterday I went on the river in duckies and Bobby and I wiped out. There are many ways to wipe out. You could crash on a rock and flip or just plainly fall out. Bobby fell out twice while I only wiped out once. Once was on a rock and the other was behind a camp kivu raft. I fell out once while trying to stand up in my duckie in rapids. You can either hurt yourself or stay high and wet. You can easily wipe out on the river.
            Today we are going ducking again but this time we are going down smelter. Smelter is a class 3 rapid where baby smelter is a class 2. There is only one way to make it safely through smelter no matter what you are in. You charge straight at it and hopefully you make it through. If you do make it through the main rapid you are immediately going to another big rapid. If you don't seem to make it you must fine your paddle and your vessel and get back into it. If you are unable to make it to your vessel you can swim to shore or the closes place you are safe. So try not to lose your vessel on the river.

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