Monday, July 28, 2014

Biking by Dana..............

Last week I had the pleasure of joining the mountain biking group during outdoor pursuits. We had an eventful week on a variety of different trails. On Monday we went to Haviland Lake for a fun loop with great single track. Jeremy was able to put his climbing skills to good use. I won a Sobe Challenge on a climb, which is pretty special since I usually don't win many mountain bike challenges. Despite a flat, broken chain, and a few spills, we had a great day. On Wednesday we headed into town to do a trail called Star Wars. It was the first ride ever led by a camper; AKC showed us the trail, and it that reminded me a bit of a roller coaster. We then headed back to camp and the boys showed off their jumping skills; I gladly caught some of the action on a GoPro. I was impressed by all the boys, particularly Steven who caught air on all of the jumps in the course. We did a challenging downhill at Castle Rock on Thursday. We were able to go on this ride because we have such a talented group of bikers this year. I took an amusing spill off the trail and into some bushes that everyone got to see; I came up with plants sticking out of my helmet. We got to explore a cool old cowboy cabin by the trail. Jack signed the visitor log in the cabin, "DMC, go dyslexia!" For our final ride of the week, we went from the top to the base of Purg going down amazing trails like Digglers and 1990 World's. It was a beautiful day for a ride, and we stopped to nibble on some wild strawberries when we regrouped. I had so much fun mountain biking I decided to upgrade my fork. I'm excited to try it out with this week's crew of riders.

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